Partner organizations

Partner organizations

This section will help you find partner organization. Because all information is to be shared between Poles and Ukrainians, that is why all information are published in the English language.


We suggest that you browse through the offers placed by organisations which are also searching for a project partner. You can use filters: type of organization, age of participant or country of organization.


If you do not find a partner that matches your criteria, we encourage you to fill a partner search form. Add your partner search request. Remember that only requests in English will be published on the website!
Subject Organization Type Participants' age
Development of Rural Areas Zhytomyr National Agroecological University University 18-25
Exchange of the students Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies University 18-25, 26-30
Culture exchange, sharing expirience between young librarian and people who work with youth Central library of Dnipro Culture house/center 18-25, 26-30
international youth exchange and political education Batkivshchyna Moloda NGO 18-25