Partner organizations

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Partner organizations

All Polish-Lithanian youth project financed by the Fund have to cooperate with partner organization form Poland or Lithuanian (it depends where you will apply). This section will help you find partner organization. Because all information from this website will transfer to the Lithuanian Managing Institution, that is why all information are published in the English language.


We suggest that you browse through the offers placed by organisations which are also searching for a project partner. You can use filtr like: type of organization, age of participant or country of organization.


If you do not find a partner that matches your criteria, we encourage you to fill a partner search form. Your request will be placed on the Polish and Lithuanian websites of the Fund. Add your partner search request. Remember that only requests in English will be published on the website!
Subject Organization Type Participants' age
Looking for common roots- polish-lithuanian cooperation The Agricultural Secondary School in Białystok School 13-14, 15-17, 18-25
music workshops for youth - see the beauty of tradition "Etude" Foundation Other 13-14, 15-17
Cooperation within the Polish – Ukrainian project Elementary School 9 in Bedzin School 13-14
The hertiage of polish-english union Vocational craft school in Pilzno School 15-17
The hertiage of polish-english union Vocational craft school in Pilzno School 15-17
Współpraca w ramach polsko - ukraińskiego projektu Elementary School 9 in Bedzin School 13-14
Different people but our common future Upper-Secondary School Complex School 15-17, 18-25
Traces of Lithuanian concentration in Pomerania region in Poland. Economical and Technical Schools Stanisława Staszica in Słupsk School 18-25
What do Polish and Lithuanian youth have in common? A complex of High School and middle school School 15-17, 18-25
Primary education in Poland and Lithuania A complex of Primary School and High School in Nowa Sarzyna School 13-14, 15-17