Primary education in Poland and Lithuania

Zespół Szkół w Nowej Sarzynie
A complex of Primary School and High School in Nowa Sarzyna

School, Poland
KEN 5 37-310 Nowa Sarzyna
48 882 433 582
Contact person

Agata Siwiec, Karolina Wróbel

48 782 201 861, 48 604 276 343
Subject of the project:
Primary education in Poland and Lithuania
Age range of participants:
13-14, 15-17

Project description

The aim of our project is to describe the differences between primary education in both countries.
We would like to create a website about our educational systems. Besides we want our students to get to know each other's everyday life, background and school life. They will exchange mails with information needed. Thanks to our cooperation we will learn about our cultures and customs.