Cooperation within the Polish – Ukrainian project

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z wynikami!!!
Nowa forma projektów w 2020 roku!!!

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9
Elementary School 9 in Bedzin

School, Poland
ul. Jedności 38 42-504 Będzin
+48 32 360 61 78
+48 32 360 61 54
Similarities in diversity – proverbs are the wisdom oft he nations
Contact person

Małgorzata Sęk, Ewa Gwiazda

+48 666 608 825, +48 796 974 015
Subject of the project:
Cooperation within the Polish – Ukrainian project
Age range of participants:

Project description

We cordially invite Ukrainian school to coopetate with our school. Our goal ist o build a good relationship, share experiences, get to know each other and make friends. We are the authors of a project within the Polish – Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council.
The warking topic oft he projects is
Similarities in diversity – proverbs are the wisdom oft he nations
The project includes activities related to proverbs, popular sayings of both nations. We want host in Poland a group of 12 students aged 13 – 14.

We are projecting a 5-day stay in our town – Będzin, as well as Kraków and Wieliczka (a 2-day trip). We will be getting to know each other's countries' proverbs and presenting them in the way of performances. Every day is going to abound in variety of integrated activities, workshops, shows and meetings with interesting people. The result we would like to achieve is creating and releasing a calendar for 2020 which would contain the most interesting Polish and Ukrainian proverbs. We are also projecting a Ukrainian Day, held by the guests, and a Polish Day, held by the hosts.

Additional information

The projects is completely financed by the Polish side. Implementation of the project is taking place from June 1st to October 31st. The date is to be agreed upon by both sides. We would also like to hold a preparatory visit.